About Us

Hi there and welcome to Studio Sew.n, my name is Austin and I am the company's Founder and Director.

I have a vast knowledge of developing products, manufacturing both products and apparel. My aim is to help relieve pressures off of UK made brand owners. I understand outsourcing some or all of your manufacturing might be a scary thought but rest assured you're in good hands! Austin Louis Perry Founder of Studio Sew.n

Studio Sew.n is a Product Design/Development Studio, Cut & Sew Contractor that specialises in production with zero MOQ's.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality standards and we are an excellent partner for young brands and start up businesses, who are looking for a ‘no minimum’ bulk production.

Our development and production prices are reasonable and competitive. As well, we are known for our reliable, timely delivery, as well as our quick turn-around for both development and production.

Above all, we proudly manufacture your goods in our studio located in the centre of Gloucester, United Kingdom. Meaning your products will be constructed on British soil, you are able to have greater control and visibility on the production in comparison to overseas. 

With an emphasis on quality and 100% on-time delivery, Studio Sew.n customers are truly satisfied.