Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Minimum Order Quantities?

We support both large and small brands and our infrastructure allows us to offer a full manufacturing solutions from prototype development to full scale production. Respectfully we pride ourselves on offering you a NO MOQ service, that way we can fulfil your requirements exactly.


 Can you provide samples or prototypes?

We offer a prototype for each style ordered, before committing to full scale production. Because the majority of the items we produce are made completely to your specifications, this is carried out before bulk production commences and a photograph of the sample is sent to you, or if you prefer, the sample can be physically posted to you for approval. At this stage you can make minor design amendments to ensure your final products are exactly as you want them.


How long does it take to get a sample or prototype?

The length of time it takes for you to receive your samples and prototypes will depend entirely on your requirements. With that being said however, we aim to produce a pre-production prototype within 2-4 weeks of order placement. We will always endeavor to meet any timescales you may have, and will discuss this with you throughout the design process. 


Is it possible to meet in person?

We would love to arrange a meeting to discuss an order. We would ask that prospective clients send designs or tech packs prior to booking a meeting, so that we can gather an understanding of your project and whether it is something we would be able to assist with.


What garments can you produce?

Our capabilities are such that we can manufacture almost any product, please send a detailed description of what you are looking to source. We love working with all brands and enjoy developing new products so whatever your requirements or ideas please get in touch and we can discuss a design solution for you.


What are your lead times for bulk production?

Lead times vary with workload and with design complexity, however for bulk production lead times are around 4-6 weeks from confirmation of sample. However, we understand some clients have time constraints which we will always endeavor to meet. Often, lead times are shorter than those quoted above. If you would like clarification on lead times for your items please do get in touch.


Do I need a professionally drawn CAD or illustration?

In short, no. Professionally drawn designs are helpful for us to gather an understanding of the clothing you’d like to have produced, however we understand that as a small brand or a start up you may not have the capabilities to produce a tech pack. In that case, you’re free to send us mood boards or inspiration images, along with some descriptions of the items you would like produced. We will then be able to gain an idea of the garments you’d like to have made.


Do you offer labelling services?

Yes! We can sew your branded neck label in your already sourced garments - we are also able to source woven neck labels and printed care labels for you as well. these can be in Polyester/Nylon or we can source Eco friendly options too.


Is it possible to visit Studio Sew.n?

Currently, no. due to Covid, we are advising you do not travel. We can however arrange a video call over Zoom/Whatsapp/Facetime for you to meet the team and see our facilities.


How do you accept payment?

We accept payments via bank transfer and through our online shopify website, details on how to make payment will be provided at the bottom of your invoice.